"Greater social media reach and therefore more trust and more potential customers."

October 15, 2022

Everyone knows by now that jet skiing is one of the hottest activities in Dubai.

The jet ski tour and rental providers have also realized this. Popeye Jetski Rental Dubai is one of the largest jet ski rentals in Dubai. However, an already existing online presence still had a lot of room for improvement. Our goal was and still is to build trust and a purely organically generated community through daily posting of very good quality posts and reels, which has also succeeded very well with currently almost 20,000 followers. By sharing the posts and reels with friends, family or acquaintances, the Popeye Jetski brand is becoming more and more popular.

Thus, day after day, new customers are generated, or customers who have already been there decide once again for Popeye Jetski Dubai thanks to the confidence they have in the brand.