Our Mission:

More revenue through digitization.

We offer business leaders the ability to scale their business online and generate even more new customers through automation.

Our focus is on this one thing:

The digitization of your company

The digital world is becoming increasingly mobile.
More than 44 million people in Germany alone use a smartphone (and the trend is rising), which presents us as a web design agency with the challenge of presenting the entire website also 100% responsive (means optimized for the smartphone).

Online Marketing at a glance


billion in investments in online advertising throughout Germany in 2021.


billion US $ investment for online advertising worldwide in 2021.

Source: Statista.com


Web design & marketing needs creative minds with a knack for functionality and aesthetics

To support the middle class.
Since statistically more than 82% of all websites of companies with 5-50 employees are not optimized for mobile devices (smartphones), gaining new customers usually falls by the wayside. In addition, the lack of presence in social media is a reason for little to no new customer acquisition through new methods.

Leon Hüttl

Owner & CEO

Using proven strategies that work to achieve measurable revenue growth.
More than 231 successfully implemented projects with our customers. Cumulative 7-digit sales increases for our customers. The numbers speak for themselves and for Marketing Brand. We ourselves have built over 200,000 subscribers on social media as well as tens of thousands for our clients.

Known from

Our strategic procedure.

Based on years of experience and expertise in social media marketing and web design, we help you step by step to more conversions and resulting more sales for your business.

With us to your success

This is how digitization goes with Marketing Brand®

We are convinced of the perfect marketing plan and thus create together with you your perfect route to the goal - more happy and satisfied new and existing customers!


Our claim is a unique design, in which you can rediscover yourself. We develop your new, unique language - and this language is the communication channel between you and your customers.


We are convinced of the perfect marketing plan and thus create together with you, their perfect route to the goal - more happy and satisfied new and existing customers!

Case Studies

"Dubai's largest jet ski rental company"

Popeye Jetski Dubai has managed with our help to outperform the large number of competitors and ...

"Operating nationwide with 20 employees"

Through the complete redesign of the website, this tax firm managed to...

"Summer and winter house Jagdhaus Walch"

The goal of Jagdhaus Walch was a new website to attract new visitors, so...

"Gym with tradition"

The established fitness studio "Fitness Factory Pforzheim" made it thanks to marketing brand...

"Our wedding rings are not like others."

We do not live like others, our wedding rings are not like others. According to this motto we designed...

"More members thanks to online presence"

Together with the volleyball club VSG Fessenbach, we developed a strategic plan...

"Wedding rings, engagement rings, ..."

There are many beautiful occasions to give a special piece of jewelry ...

"Business Shootings in a class of their own"

Our mission was and is to help experts and service providers to become more competitive through qualitative...

"Health should bring joy"

According to this motto, it was our concern, thanks to a perfectly coordinated online presence, to...

Awarded for our service

Leon Hüttl, owner and managing director of Marketing-Brand, was named the most important expert in the field of marketing & branding, in the D/A/CH area.

Top Experte - Leon Hüttl Auszeichnung

Frequently asked questions

Through years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, Marketing-Brand offers the ability to scale your business online and generate even more new customers, employees or time through automation.

Whether no website at all, lack of expertise in SEO (search engine optimization) or your website is not optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones or the like - no problem, we take care of it all! just contact us or arrange an initial meeting.

Most relevant today are Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Facebook is also still one of the most used social media platforms worldwide, with almost 3 billion users.

You can't give a specific number for how much budget you need for social media marketing. It all depends on what is to be achieved in what time.

A good positioning in search engines depends on several factors. From the right headlines, to sufficient and quality content, to images in the right format and size. All this must be considered and thanks to our years of experience, Marketing-Brand is the right contact for your company.

Yes - social media marketing is worthwhile for every company, regardless of size. However, it all depends on what goals are to be pursued, which in turn depends on which social media platforms should be used.

Often, optimizing an already existing website is enough. The modernization of outdated systems, or the redesign to give your company a more modern look, plays a big role here.

However, we will also be happy to provide you with a website redesigned from scratch.

For example, if you invest 5,000€ in our service, our goal is to generate an ROI (Return on Invest) of at least a factor of 4, i.e. 20,000€ in additional sales for your company!

We find your target audience for you. With years of experience and expertise in social media marketing, our customized strategy allows us to target ads and create content that speaks directly to your audience.

It all depends on the size of your website. The larger and more complex, the longer it will take. Of course, optimizing your existing website takes less time than building a new website from scratch.

Launch your new online presence now and enjoy perfect campaign implementation, as well as optimal branding within your niche.