"Measurable 6-digit increase in sales within just 5 months thanks to online store"

March 5, 2021

Jet skiing is one of the hottest attractions in Dubai. 

The jet ski tour and rental providers have also realized this. Popeye Jetski Rental Dubai is one of the most popular jet ski rentals in Dubai but lacked a confident and clearly structured online presence. Our goal was, and still is, to skyrocket sales for jetski bookings and the many other offerings from Popeye Jetski Rental Dubai through a clear ordering process within the website. 

Special focus was of course on the responsive design of the site (i.e. the smartphone view), as most visitors want to book a jetski tour quickly and easily via smartphone and also ask questions if necessary to get a quick answer. A clear offer, target-oriented CTA's (Call To Action Buttons) and appealing images now run through the entire website and we are proud to have made a significant difference compared to other jet ski rentals.